Prophets marriage to Aisha r.a

Those who use this argument attempt to prove Islam as false by criticizing the marriage of the Prophet pbuh with Aesha when she was 9 years old. Thus implying that a Prophet could never do something so morally controversial and henceforth Mohamed pbuh wasn’t a prophet.

To break this down , there are 2 possible perspectives from which this criticism can be moved.

1) If the one making this argument disbelieves in the existence of God then he is committing a logical fallacy.

He is indeed committing a fallacious form of Presentism by allowing present-day moral judgments to creep into characterizations of the historical figures. Historians remind us that people are products of their times and so must be judged within that paradigm. For example, you can dig up quotes from any number of figures active in civil liberties or equal rights movements that would seem racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted by today’s standards to paint them as crazy, reactionary wingnuts. In fact if we look at the historical accounts of the Arabic social structure of the time, Aisha was already engaged to another man prior to her marriage to the Prophet SAW, indicating that it was socially acceptable for marital alliances between families to be forged at an early age. Interestingly, of the many criticisms of Mohamed made at the time by his opponents, none focused on Aisha’s age at marriage. Henceforth, if God is taken out of the equation, and the moral character of the Prophet is criticized, the criticism is logically fallacious.

2) If the one making this argument conceeds that God exists or believes in God and moves the argument of ” If Mohamed was a prophet God would not have allowed him to marry a 9yo girl ” then the answer is simple :

• If You conceed that God exists then the answer is simply that if God allowed that to happen then there was good in it and no evil happened. This point is furthermore stressed out by facts. Let us in fact compare the character and persona of Aesha with that of an individual who suffered childhood sexual abuse as outlined by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in the research paper ” Adult Manifestations of childhood Sexual Abuse “.

The college states in the abstract of the paper :

ABSTRACT – Long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse are complex, and often devastating. Depression, anxiety, and anger are the most commonly reported emotional responses to childhood sexual abuse. Gynecologic problems, including chronic pelvic pain, dyspareunia, vaginismus
nonspecific vaginitis, and gastrointestinal disorders are common diagnoses
among survivors.

And More [..]

Chronic and diffuse pain, especially abdominal or pelvic pain, lower pain threshold, anxiety and depression, self-neglect, and eating disorders have been attributed to childhood sexual abuse. Adults abused as children are four to five times more likely to have abused alcohol and illicit drugs. They are also twice as likely to smoke, be physically inactive, and be severely obese.

Full paper here .

Now let us shift our focus on Aesha’s character and persona and see if she has manifested any of the above psychological and physical traits.

Anyone who reads ahadits about aisha’s life will immediately realize one thing. This woman had a strong spirit. she defended her husband’s deen to the very end. To paint Aisha as a victim is completely at odds with her persona. During his lifetime, he (pbuh) established her authority by telling everyone to consult her in his absence; after his death, she went to become one of the most prolific and distinguished scholars of her time. A stateswoman, scholar, mufti, and judge, Aisha combined spirituality,
activism and knowledge and remains a role model for many Muslim women today.
She died at the age of 66.

Now to the rational mind reading this. Does Aesha’s character, psychological stability and physical longevity match that of a child who got abused sexually in her early life ? Going back to the critics perspective: if God allowed that to happen, there was good in it and this logic’s is validity is stressed by the facts we have analysed above.